Yesterday I visited the Cochran Mill Nature Center. There are lots of lovely paths to take. My favorite place was a swampy area full of singing frogs. I think I may have been hearing the southern leopard frog, mostly, (but I’m not conversant in frog.) I’ll go back today to record.

Inside the center are housed lots of snakes, lizards, some frogs and turtles, fruit bats, young alligators and even a tarantula. This guy is my favorite, though I didn’t nearly do him justice. He stayed still under a warming light while I painted him. He is an Egyptian uromastyx. omar.jpg

Serenbe cat

srnbecat.JPGI am missing my kitty, as I move through the last few days here at Serenbe. I found this beauty on a walk through town. I have loved being here and spending time on the front porch, especially in the early morning when all the birds are there. A couple of times I stepped out there late at night  and heard the deer rustling through the leaves as they startled from my movements.

Georgia rain

rainraccoon.JPGThinking about the critters out in the gentle Georgia rain. This week the peepers were making their presence known, loudly, in vernal pools near the local pond.

I am still getting used to the deep red soil of this area….like the ground has rusted. These chunky-red-barked trees are everywhere too. I expect a lot of them are loblolly pines. The woods are carpeted with their needles. They are used to mulch people’s yards and there are even some bales of needles under my little house.






There are beautiful beech trees here. I love to hear the wind ruffling in the leaves, the winter stragglers. It was cool and clear today and I didn’t hear many birds out here. Plenty of gray squirrels, though. Their tails look a bit threadbare compared to their northern cousins. Probably they don’t need the extra fur in this warmer climate.

Bare trees

AIR#2.JPGFirst full week here at AIR Serenbe. It rained this morning but cleared somewhat and warmed up nicely. Happy to be outside painting. There are paths everywhere, and once a day I find one to walk to see where it will bring me. It’s early enough not to worry about ticks and snakes, though I did have a spider visit who looked a bit intimidating.